Virtual Clinical Trials to Become Standard

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Recent advancements in technology have seen an app created that will be able to collect patients’ data in real time remotely. The aim is to create clinical trials that have a larger amount of flexibility and are more accessible to a wider audience. The app will incorporate electronic consent. It will provide detailed reports of the results and surveys to be filled out by participants.

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The primary aims of the app will be:

Increase patient involvement
On-site visits will be reduced
Collecting data remotely
Virtual visits will occur
A more patient-centred approach

The project needs 150,000 participants to engage with the app for initial testing to begin. A 12-month test will then commence which will ascertain the app’s efficiency and ease of use. Once this introductory testing has been completed, the next stage will begin. The second stage will see a validating phase that will compare the app to a conventional Paid Clinical Trials in standard settings.

There will be wearable sensors that will see all relevant data sent electronically, including body temperature, glucose levels and blood pressure. Your mobile device will be able to send automated reminders to schedule appointments.

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There are a number of advantages of virtual medical trials:

Maximises patient availability.
Quicker enrolment process – this is often the longest part of a trial and often fails to meet set targets.
Trials are based in a patient’s home, meaning those with mobility issues are no longer excluded.
Electric health records can help pinpoint suitable candidates for participation.
A more cost-effective way of performing trials, as they do not require a traditional bricks-and-mortar set-up.
A virtual app may ensure that participants stay interested and engaged. Patients are less likely to drop out, as they do not have to endure inconveniences of travelling to study sites.
A virtual design will allow those that have a vested interest in the result of the trial to play a more active role. This could lead to a better quality of data, achieved in a shorter amount of time by companies such as

The long-term goal of the developers is to make the app available to a far wider audience. Currently, the app is only accessible to those participants in the USA, but after successful testing the app will be made available more widely.

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