Stress? 5 tips to start the day well

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Stress? 5 tips to start the day well
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The rush of the morning to get punctual at work and arrange the various family commitments puts us constantly under pressure causing anxiety but also gastritis and tachycardia. An anti-stress crap helps us start the day with the right foot.

We must try to contain the stress that is making us ill, indiscriminately, young, young and old. Stress worries the body and mind more than any physical fatigue. Departing with the right foot in the morning guarantees us a full of energy that can protect us during the day from attacks coming everywhere, when you come by car or bus and get to work, during work hours and during return. We asked the psychotherapist to suggest five rules to start the day well …

1- Coffee

Having breakfast is enough that is, not doing other activities. Do not watch TV, do not look at the phone, do not look at the computer. Concentrate on an image that relaxes you and eats. Take really the consciousness of the gesture you are doing. Feed your body, tasting and enjoying your cappuccino or coffee. Appreciate the scent, the taste, the density. Eating is a necessity but doing it mechanically will not bring you psychological well-being.

2- Shower

Shower is an important part of the day. It’s the morning battery. But it must be done in a certain way. No thought in the shower tied to what will happen to you for an hour. Do not think about the appointment that is waiting for you, do not think about the work that is on your desk. Do not think about traffic in the street. Feel the warmth and the flavor of the water, pay attention to the feeling you experience when the water slides on your skin. A very relaxing experience will give you tranquility but also charge.

3- Dresses

The dress you decide to wear will accompany you throughout the day so be careful about your choice. Try to organize yourself so you do not chose in a hurry. Anxiously you will choose badly and you will not wear a dress but a weight throughout the day. A bad suit is lived as a constriction, like something that suffocates us. Choose calmly, feeling really what you are most comfortable with. Even a dress can create a positive mood.

4- How do you go to work

Surely to use the time between home and work to activate our body and our senses by walking or cycling is a healthier way from both a physical and a psychological point of view. Closing up in trapped traffic in our car, getting tense and oppressed, turning empty in search of a parking lot could make us start the day of our workday with a sense of tension oppression. Physical activity is not only healthy for our physical but also for our mood. Feeling the air, watching the colors, perceiving our active body gives a spurt of energy, makes us feel free, certain fighting, while staying closed in our car makes us feel closed and thirsty, careful to find the space to be able to pass the next red traffic light,

5- Shield Respiration

Learn diaphragmatic breathing. It is a deep breathing technique that teaches: How to use its own diaphragm? A group of muscles at the bottom of the lungs, the most important for breathing. It can be a help as well as for relaxation, even for increased energy and resistance. The goal is always to breathe in this way. In the most difficult times of the day breathing in the right way will be your “still”.

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