Life improves and so much when you start fregartene

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Life improves and so much when you start fregartene
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“A man is inclined to look after his business when it is worth it. Otherwise, it distracts the mind from its insignificant business, starting to make the others of it”- Eric Hoffer

The desire for pleasure and acceptance is inherent in human nature, hence the crazy search for conformism. But you have to make a conscious effort to infuse it. To free ourselves. It’s a skill that requires practice, like any other skill. When you really understand how to let go, you will see the world from a totally different perspective.

The world continually tells you that all you are going to not serve to make you happy. Others have a “magnificent” job, a nicer car, a bigger new home, and so on. Giving importance to whatever the world wants for you makes you more unhappy because of things you are not or do not have.

Do not concentrate your life and energy in pursuit of a mirage. It will cause mental health problems that you certainly do not want. You’re probably too busy with so many things around you that you have practically stopped living. The secret to the positive life you need is to focus on the important elements for your growth, career and overall well-being.

When you start fregartene of what people think, your security will come to the stars faster than images. You will begin to believe in yourself, what you can offer to the world without letting the external influences stop you or condition your decisions.

Continuing to earnestly desire to be like someone else, you will feel more and more immersive. Continuing to earnest desire to be happier, you will feel more and more alone despite the wonderful people around you. Mindfulness, happiness, the ability to live your life in full come from recognizing things to worry about, and even more importantly, not to worry about.

NYTimes Mark Manson, author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck,” explains it better:

In fact, the ability to reserve our attitudes only to really deserving situations would make our life much simpler. Bankruptcy would seem less frightening. The less painful rejection. The unpleasant conditions would be more pleasant and bitter bites would be a bit more flavorful. I mean, if we could cope less, or have consciously addressed concerns, life would seem really easier.

Forget (and protect) your weaknesses. Play on your strengths.

It’s easier to play on your own strengths. Do not try to offset your weaknesses.

There are good chances that you are paying too much attention to negative information. There are millions of worried people who are constantly thinking about how to get rid of their weaknesses.

And, if you did, invert the course and start concentrating on your strengths? The tough truth is that perhaps you will never overcome your weaknesses but you may make significant changes to the way you live and work if you focus on your abilities. The secret is not changing what you are, but becoming even more yourself. Recognize your weaknesses and accept: accept your fears, your mistakes, your uncertainties. You begin to face the painful and brutal truth about yourself.

In a Harvard Business Review study, it was stressed that while people remember the critiques received, awareness of their mistakes does not always result in better performance.

In addition, it has come to your attention that knowing your strengths will help you better understand how to manage your weaknesses and help you gain the security you need to deal with.

It lets you say, “I’m great as a leader, but with the numbers I’m a disaster. So, instead of giving me mathematical repetitions, give me a good partner with the accounts.”

Instead of worrying about things you do not excel, and do everything to succeed, why not play on your strengths? You cannot be good in everything. Indeed, you can, but certainly, you cannot excel in everything.

“When we allow ourselves to exist for real, completely, we punch the world with our vision and challenge it with our personal way of being” – Thomas Moro.

Be at ease with your diversity. You do not have to fit. You do not have to be like everyone else. Do not fit if it hurts you. Do not be afraid to embrace your most authentic nature. Do not be afraid of how the world will see you. While others are trying to adapt to the world, let the world adapt to you.

You becomes insensitive to the influence of the opinions of others and stands straight in a multitude of ideas. Sure in knowing that while others were content with the daily, you explored the exceptional one. If you are not interested in showing your work to the rest of the world, despite the voice of your inner critic, then you are already on the right track.

Do not stop exercising your right to try something new and change routines to improve things, make them faster, more beautiful. There is always a better option. Take the habit of questioning the rules, be curious and find out where to try something different, the place where you open a window. You will be surprised by your abilities. Things can only improve.

In a world where everyone follows the rules, no one has the time to pay attention. People do virtually the same thing. What’s so interesting: nothing. No one cares about the fact that you’re doing four in order to complete your work.

Did you finish your job? It’s all your superiors and your boss want to know. You’re part of a process, and if it works, you have to stay there and do your job. People who have upset the world have created their own rules despite the enormous resistance. But they did the same.

Know yourself. Accept yourself. Be yourself.

“My big mistake, the blame for which I cannot forgive myself, is that one day I stopped stubborn research of my individuality” – Oscar Wilde.

Do not wait for approval. Ask for understanding, not permission. The only obstacle that prevents you from doing extraordinary business is you. If you want to do something extraordinary, do not just talk about it, do it.

Take control of your life. If you’re not satisfied with the present, do something different. Your life will not change if you do not create that change. If you feel safe out of your “security zone” you are already doing a good job.

Stop worrying about what you are and start living! Your life will improve considerably if you are less concerned about the opinions of others, and you will begin to worry about just what you think of yourself.

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