Is gingham making a comeback this spring?

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While it never really goes out of fashion, gingham has certainly enjoyed increased popularity over the past few seasons. Gingham shirts, dresses, skirts and accessories have been a staple of the high street in recent years; however, some fashion insiders believe this popular fabric has become a victim of its own success.

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The bigger a trend, the more widely available it is and the more it become associated with less-desirable brands and products. Most trends start on the runways of the world’s major fashion weeks before trickling down to the high-end labels, the high street, and finally to the most accessible and low-budget brands. Once this happens, it tends to mean that the trend has run its course and will rapidly lose popularity. This is what has happened to gingham. Its omnipresence has made it less desirable amongst the fashion conscious, but will it enjoy something of a comeback this spring?

The new gingham

Gingham will certainly still be around this season, but not in quite the same form we have become used to in the past few years. Traditional gingham features tiny – often barely visible from a distance – checks. The updated gingham styles this season will feature significantly larger checks for a modern twist on a classic design. Marie Claire explains that while gingham is still around, design labels such as Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Loewe and Mary Katrantzou all featured checks of various descriptions in their spring shows; Fendi even went as far as to introduce checked tights!

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Expect to see mens designer shirts from retailers such as featuring larger, bolder checks than seen in previous seasons. Women’s shirts and dresses will also boast this updated version of gingham for a look that is fresh and fun. Both traditional gingham and its larger, bolder updated version will be available in a whole host of colours, from classic monochrome to bright, clashing shades.

Gingham mixed with other patterns

Another trend will be gingham – both the traditional version and the 2018 reboot – mixed with other prints and patterns. Gingham and checks are being combined with stripes and tartans to produce an eye-catching and bold aesthetic for 2018. Many spring fashion shows featured two or more bold prints worn alongside each other, often with clashing accessories.


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