Cold Rooms: Restrictions and Commercial Uses

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Catering brings many demands. Obviously, hygiene is of the utmost importance, along with making sure there is little waste. It’s exciting to plan menus, but the food needs to be cost-effective. Storage can be a key element in extending the shelf or fridge life of food – both cooked and raw ingredients.

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Safety First

So many foods need to be kept chilled that it makes sense to have more chilled space than you think you need. Many products need to be chilled to be safe to eat, such as food with a use-by date, cooked dishes, prepared salads and desserts. It is so important that these are not kept at room temperature for long. It needs to be chilled as quickly as possible.

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Keeping Things Chilled

Commercial cold rooms are worth considering for larger establishments and catering businesses. They are so practical because you can walk around them and know where everything is. You can label things properly by ingredients or date. That way, items do not get stuck at the back of the freezer and go out of date. You can put older products to the front of the shelves and newer ones, with a longer use-by date, to the back.

Careful Planning

You need to plan a cold storage room or freezer room carefully to make sure it is in the right place. It’s likely to get some traffic with people going in and out for ingredients and cooked foods, so make sure staff are not wasting time walking to and from the cold room. They come in all sizes, from a small closet to a spacious room. You can find out more at Work out how much storage is required and factor in the shelving. You don’t want a room that is too small so everything is crammed in and the air cannot circulate properly.

Shelving is important as it is super-efficient. Finding produce on shelves is easier than having to search through drawers in a smaller fridge – although you will still need the smaller fridges for regularly used items. You don’t want to keep opening the cold room door too often and letting that lovely cold air out. Make sure you are making the maximum use of space and your cold room will be a vital part of your business.

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